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VHF canal 69

Rates and conditions for the marina afloat

  • Monohulls and Catamarans afloat on 4 buoys
Daily rate Monohulls Catamarans
From 1st to 9th day $1.40/m/day $1.60/m/day
From 1st to 19th day $1.30/m/day $1.50/m/day
From 1st to 29th day $1.20/m/day $1.40/m/day
Monthly rate
From 1st to 90th day $1.10/m/day $1.30/m/day
+ than 3 month, from 1st to 180th day $1.00/m/day $1.20/m/day
+ 181 days – from 1st to the last day $0.90/m/day $1.10/m/day
Minimum per month     $ 300.00   $360.00

Rates and conditions for dry storage

Scrubbing/WORKING AREA with ELECTRICITY and WATER Monohulls Catamarans
From 1st  to 90th day $1.65/m/day $2.15/m/day
  From 1st to 90th day $1.20/m/day  $1.70/m/day
more than 3 month, from 1st to 180th day $1.10/m/day $1.60/m/day
+ 181 days – from the 1st to the last day $1.00/m/day $1.50/m/day
Minimum per month $330.00 $495.00
  • Electricity : 1.00$/day without air conditioning and 3.00$/day with air conditioning. More than 30 days, ask  for a quote
  • Water 0.30$/liter.

Rates and conditions haul in/out, Monohulls and Catamarans –  maximum lightship weight : 18 tonnes maximum draft: 2 meters

Monohulls Catamarans
Haul out/in and 5 supports $32.00/m $41.00/m
Minimum Haul out/in and supports $350.00 $450.00
Pressure jet cleaning for a hull without shells  $4.00/m  $4.50/m
Pressure jet cleaning and scrubbing for a hull with shells  $9.00/m  $10.00/m
Hull scrubbing before haul out  $4.50/m  $5.00/m
Sanding hull under waterline/polish hull above waterline  $4.00/m/d  $4.50/m/d
Antifouling and primer application :  60$/gallon  60$/gallon
Electrical extension cord rent :  $1.50/day  $1.50/day
 Cleaning inside/deck/hull above waterline $4.00/m  $4.50/m

 in the working area:

  • No extra charge to live on board 
  •  No extra charge if you do the work by yourself
  • No extra charge if you have exterior workers

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