Dry storage


The capacity of the dry docks area for storage is of 25 mono hulls and 10 catamaran.

The capacity of the dry docks area for boat work is of 14 boats, sand blasting is forbidden in this area.

The boats are hauled out on a carriage pulled by a tractor.

Maximum lightship weight is 10 tons and maximum total weight is 13 tons, maximum draft is 2 m.

In the Case of multi hulls :

Maximum width is 10 m.

The carriage lifts the catamaran from under the cockpit. The draft and the A and B cotations indicated on the graph below have to be given before the haul out for the carriage setup.

Width between  hulls (B cotation) minimum 2.00 m. Height under cockpit (A cotation)

Dimensions for catamaran haul out

– Mast removal

– Catamaran haul out under the keels

– Bi-keel haul out