• By road
  • By bus – getting to the marina

Taking the bus in Panama City Albrook bus terminal, you will need to take the Colon Espreso bus. To get to the quay you have to buy a card in the terminal which will cost you a few cents.

In Colon bus terminal, you will have to change bus and take the one indicating ‘Costa arriba de Colon -La Guaira’. Departures are at 11h30 am, 1h30 pm, 3h30 pm and 5h30 pm ; only the 11h30 am and 3h30 pm will get you in front of the marina, the other ones get you at the intersection between the main road and the dirt road to the marina and to the villages of Cacique and Jose del Mar. It is a 3km walk from the intersection to the marina.

When taking the Espreso bus from Panama City, you can get off in Sabanitas at the Rey supermarket (one hour from Panama City). It is located at the main intersection where you have to turn right to get to the marina on the Costa Arriba. At this point you can get a taxi to get to the marina (40$ – one hour, Cacique is the name of the village located 1 km further from the marina)).

Another possibility, when in Sabanitas, is to catch the ‘Costa Arriba’ bus coming from Colon or the one going to Portobelo and then take a taxi from there (20 mn, 15 to 20$) to get to the marina (Cacique is the name of the village located 1 km further from the marina).

  • By bus – leaving the marina

A bus to the Colon Bus Terminal stops in front of the marina at 5.45 am Monday to Saturday (trip lasts about 1 ½ hours – $2.50 per person).
The bus « Costa Arriba de Colón – La Guaira » stops at the tienda Joel, 3 km from the marina, at 7.30 am, 9.45 am, 1.00 pm, Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, the bus leaves at 8:00am, 1:00pm and 4:00pm from the tienda Joel. A Panamarina’s car can give you a ride to the bus stop from Tuesday to Saturday.

  • By taxi

Last possibility, you can take a taxi from Panama city, 2 hours ~ 80$. On the way you can stop for provisionning in Sabanitas.

We can help you to book the taxi from Panama City or Sabanitas to the marina.

  • Hotel booking

You can book on website a room and the shuttle from/to the airport. Don’t forget to give day and hour of arrival, the airline, the flight number and where you are coming from.

Bon voyage and see you soon.